Cultural Constitutional Congress

A Three-Pronged Framework

The Cultural Congress

A unicameral deliberative body of philosophical representative governance to steward The Movement

Controls and elects Executive Board, and subcommittees may call any leaders to task for accountability at any time

Controls the budget

Executive Board

Initially responsible for founding the CCC and vetting bylaws

Founding Board Members shall call for New Philosophical American Revolution, generate awareness, and help fundraise

Governs daily operations of PR team and serves as Public Thought Leaders

CCC Logo

Public Relations Support Team

From a 30,000 foot view, the Team will support the thought leadership activities of Executive Board members and raise the profile of the Congress and its righteous works

A subservient leadership arm of the CCC, the PR Team is led by the CCC President, who may be replaced by Congress any time

The Team reports to and advises the Congress, and reports to the Executive Board, which itself controls the PR Team

The sole power levers given to the PR Team are those of Free Expression and Social Influence