About Us

Working to perfect our perpetually imperfect union: Let's Be The Culture We Wish to See.

The Future is Ours to Remake.

The Cultural Constitutional Congress is forming as a nonprofit social advocacy organization dedicated to advancing the cause of freedom for all humanity, beginning with righting the inequities against Black Lives and other oppressed groups in the United States.

We are calling for a New Philosophical American Revolution: peacefully demanding our beloved nation fulfill its high-minded promises for ALL people — by lifting up the voices, stories and cultures these United States have historically oppressed.

We stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement and its allies in the fight to correct racial injustice and systemic racism, persevering until the long-deferred dreams of our imperfect union are made true for all people, however long that mission takes.

Through Love in action, our Congress’s Peaceful Revolution will sing a siren’s song to both sides of our political aisle, as well as for people the globe over yearning to be free. We will call all Americans home to US and lobby our legislators back to reason. We will offer secular salvation to a grievously injured nation, modeling True American Exceptionalism to carefully rebuild our tattered national image.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently seeking candidates for our Founding Executive Board to help build this democratic Congress from the ground up. Visit our Join Us page for more information on those positions and other opportunities to help.

Contact us by email at Robert@CulturalCongress.org.

Find us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CulturalConsti1.