Join Us!

We are currently seeking three or more Founding Executive Board Members to Join Us in Our Cause:

The Founding Executive Board will primarily vet the founding documents and bylaws for the Congress, join us to publicly announce a New Philosophical American Revolution, and influence people to join Our Cause (with PR support to boost their reach across social media and place thought pieces in traditional media outlets).

After the deliberative body of the Congress has been seated, Founding Executive Board members will either be reappointed or replaced by the congresspeople in an exemplary democratic process.

Successful candidates for these Founding Executive Board positions must be:

  • adult U.S. citizens (from any region of our country)

  • of unimpeachable legal and moral repute

  • able to support themselves outside of this project

  • with enough free time to oversee the formation of the organization.

They will need exceptionally bright and flexible minds.

They must have indelible ties to the communities we seek to advance and skills useful for establishing this organization.

Candidates should be bold enough to call publicly for a New Philosophical American Revolution, and measured enough to “fight” said revolution in a legal, deliberately de-escalatory manner to guarantee eternal progress against racial and cultural injustices.

Expertise in legislative lobbying, parliamentary procedure, public relations, social justice, cross-cultural education or coalition building, history, the law, charitable fundraising or other intersecting fields would be of particular usefulness.

Contact us at with a letter of interest and your qualifications ASAP to be considered for the Founding Executive Board, or to nominate a candidate you feel would be an excellent resource for our organization.


If you have useful skills, a thirst to help us pursue this crucial mission, and time to dedicate to our cause, we would love to discuss ways you might be able to help!

To volunteer, email us at with your resume, as well as a brief statement of how you think you could best help us advance Our Cause.

Future Opportunities:

  • Delegates to the Cultural Constitutional Congress

  • Future Executive Board Members

  • PR Team Support Roles

  • Support Staff

  • Fundraisers

  • CCC Donors

  • CCC Followers/Boosters

Stay tuned as we stand up our organization for more information on these and other opportunities!