Our Approach

The Philosophical High Road

By welcoming all historically and currently oppressed cultures and people, we seek to gradually build a mass coalition of supporters into one righteous, apolitical, utilitarian humanist organization that pushes all of America's politicians to eliminate the systemic levers of racial injustice and right the scales. By carefully focusing our messaging on the colonial and nobility/class-based aspects of systemic oppression, we will dismantle the status quo of American politics piece by piece. We advocate for Freedom from and for US.

In this Congress, the Deliberative Body will prepare an array of reparative educational tools for our society, encourage cross-cultural conversations and debates over historical wrongs, and weigh the merits of legislative priorities those in The Movement seek to advance, issuing positional papers to “wax seal” our dearest priorities, democratically disavowing or delaying those ideas that would derail The Cause’s momentum.

We will rewrite history into True History by closely examining cultural positions and contrapositions in robust debates to find Historical Truths, which are always more nuanced than our conventional received histories. We shall bond with and forgive the sins of those whose ancestors trespassed against us as they join our eternal march into the future; We Never Forgot or Forget.

Simultaneously, we will play “Robin Hood” by fundraising from wealthy individuals and corporations to finance our day-to-day operations, reinvesting available funds into private reparations programs to assist historically oppressed people and cultures whenever possible. We seek to privately jumpstart economic reparations for African Americans (and other oppressed groups), which unfortunately remain a political nonstarter for now.